No bumblebee, No tomato 

Did you know that tomatoes wouldn't be able to grow without bumblebees? A tomato plant produces a lot of flowers. Those flowers need to be pollinated before a tomato can grow behind the flower.

That's why bumblebees are used in the tomato greenhouse. They are really good at pollination. Bumblebees shake the flowers very hard so that pollen falls out of the flower.

The house where the bumblebees live is called a nest box. The bumblebees in a nest box are collectively called a bumblebee colony. Each colony has its own queen. The bumblebee colony can grow to 500 bumblebees! The nest box features a small opening. The bumblebees can fly through the opening to go outdoors. Bumblebees are very hard workers. One bumblebee can visit a few thousand flowers each day!  

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