How does it work 

The queen bee is the focal point of every bumblebee colony. She wakes up alone towards the end of the winter and starts to build a new nest in the spring. The queen bee lays eggs from which larvae hatch. After a few weeks, she gains help with taking care of the nest of the new-born bumblebees. These worker bees take care of the supply of food. They fly out, go from flower to flower looking for food, and take pollen back with them on the hairs on their furry bodies and on their legs. A crop can thus be pollinated by bumblebees. Thanks to a special production process, Koppert has bumblebee colonies available all year round that never fail to do their work, wherever they are.

Bumblebee nest box
life cycle of the bumblebee

Buzzz pollination 

Inside a bumblebee hive 

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