Did you know? 

There are almost thirty different species of bumblebee in the Netherlands?

A bumblebee will often have 200 sisters but only a few brothers?

A bumblebee always has a queen, but never a king?

A queen can sleep for almost 200 days and nights in a row?

A bumblebee actually shouldn't be able to fly according to the laws of physics as it is too heavy?

Scientists have scratched their head on this matter for many years?

A bumblebee uses a special flying technique that means it can fly after all?

A bumblebee can fly up to five kilometres and still know the way back?

A bumblebee even leaves the nest in very heavy rain and strong winds?

One bumblebee can visit a few thousand flowers per day?

The females do all the work and the males' only function is mating?

Bumblebees can collect up to 60% of their own body weight in pollen?

Bumblebees are used in more than 30 different crops beside tomatoes?

Only the females can sting, but rarely do?

Bumblebees often serve as inspiration for artistic expression? 

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