Waiter, there’s a bumblebee on my tomato!

Bumblebees work quickly, 24 hours a day, and with their thick coats can easily withstand low temperatures. They are therefore used worldwide in fruit and vegetable cultivation to take care of pollination. Without pollination, no beautiful fruit will be produced. In the past, pollination in greenhouses was carried out by hand. In addition to being very time-consuming, this method was also much less effective.

+ Bumblebees pollinate flowers at exactly the right moment

+ This results in more products of the highest quality

Bumblebee nest box

Honeybees in a traditional hive, bumblebees in a modern nest box

The bumblebee is a close relative of the honeybee. Special nest boxes have been developed to allow delivery of bumblebees all over the world. This kind of nest box forms a unique replacement for the nests that bumblebees build in the wild. These nest boxes can be installed in greenhouses or in orchards. After that, the grower can concentrate on other matters: the bumblebees simply get on with their work, and they do it well!  

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