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As cucumber grower Jan Koppert was allergic to chemical pesticides, and as those pesticides were not actually as effective as they should have been, in 1967 he decided to look for an alternative. In his search for a solution, he came across the concept of natural enemies that could be used to combat the pests in his crop. It turned out to be an effective form of pest control. 

Koppert Biological Systems has now grown into an international company and in addition to biological crop protection is also the market leader in natural pollination. The headquarters are based in Berkel en Rodenrijs.

At Koppert, we have built up a wealth of biological expertise. Growers all over the world – as well as consumers like you – benefit from that expertise every day. After all, what could be more beautiful than a flower propagated using natural products? And what could be more delicious than vegetables that have been kept healthy through natural protection?   

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Disclaimer: Our products are intended for professional growers in the agricultural and horticultural sectors and are not available for purchase by members of the general public. This website is intended solely for the provision of information. For our company information, please refer to www.koppert.nl.